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'King of the Scale-Ups' Joe Hemani joins the Brittelstand Symposium on 20th September

Founder of one of the biggest private firms in the UK, with a revenue of £1.9 billion last year and likely to exceed £2.3bn next year, Hemani is a perfect blend of self motivation, ability and compulsive enthusiasm.

Join us for a rare appearance from the self made multimillionaire, who has agreed to guide and inspire his fellow Scale-Up companies at the Brittelstand Symposium this year.

Westcoast, one of the largest IT distributors in the UK, got its name when Hemani, now 70, was a young pirate radio DJ anchored off America's West Coast. As he placed a large order for printers, he was asked what his firm was called – and said the first thing he saw out of the window. The name stuck and subsequently Westcoast, his £2bn turnover brainchild based in Reading, Berkshire, was born. 


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